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The DreamWeaver - SFX Epic

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The DreamWeaver - SFX Epic
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot-fetish, foot worship, soles, toes, micro, lynn pops
Description :     When a foot-freak visit Mistress Lynn pops for a session, she's trying to prob deeper into his mind, asking questions regarding his deepest fantasies. he tells her about his foot-fetish, and it seems that he is about to tell her something more, but then he dismiss it with a wave of his hand..."nah, it's nonsense...this fantasy can never be true, anyway...lets just stick with the foot-fetish..." Lynn smiles an innocent-looking, yet slightly devious, perfect smile...she urges him to tell her about his secret while her flawless feet are shoves at his face. he sighs...and tell her about his shrinking fantasy... The DreamWeaver got her nickname for a reason... one of the best videos we have ever released. Lynn Pops is simply a Divinity. foot fetish, foot worship, foot slavery pov H!pno shrinking SFX & pov hand-held ground shakes tiny man foot/soles worship toes worship micro shrink between fingers toenails worship

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