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Cali and the Borrowers

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Cali and the Borrowers
Running Time:
9 minutes

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Tags: pov, sfx, small people, cali logan, booty, crush, microwave, blender
Description :     Hi, you know that movie the Borrowers, it gave me an idea, could you have Cali Logan play John goodmans role where she plays an evil lawyer trying to swindle people out of there house to make her huge hotel, and she finds the will and she calls the workers to come and destroy the house, could you have her say the line Goodman said you know when he said " I want this house flatted and I want it flatted today, so then she sets the will down and the borrowers try to steel it but she caught them she grabs them and then she says " how cute tiny people think they could stop me from destroying this house and becoming filthy rich, well guess again" uh I'm trying to think what comes next, uh maby she puts one in the microwave and turns it on then the borrower explodes then she laughs evilly then the other one maby she steps on him, then finally she tears up the will and gets a call from the workers letting her know there ready. And she's happy about it. Also you know that scene where Goodman is talking to himself saying " you can tell me where the will is I'm a lawyer" then he finds the will in a safe, but you don't have to use a safe what if Cali found it behind the sink or something, so if you can could you show a scene where Cali finds the will and says Goodmans lines?

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