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Blondzilla VS Queen Kong VR

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Blondzilla VS Queen Kong VR
Running Time:
18 minutes

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Tags: Pov, handheld, feet, VR 360, Keri, blondzilla, booty, cleavage, kissing
Description :     I would like to actually order another virtual reality custom clip with Keri where she plays Queen Kong again and wears the same costume. I would like this clip to also have Blondzilla in it and she can wear a bra and panties or a thong. A possible title for this clip could be "Queen Kong v Blondzilla"! I would like this clip to be shot in a city like you normally use with the props. This clip can start out with Keri and Blondzilla entering the city from opposite sides and since this is virtual reality the viewer will be able to look around and feel like they are trapped between two giant women that are walking towards them! I would like the booming footsteps sound effects to be in this clip. I want Keri and Blondzilla to walk towards each other and then stop to face each other and then I would like Keri to say "Hey! This is my city! I was here first!" Then Blondzilla can respond with "No! I was here first!" Then I would like for Keri to look down at the camera and say "Hey! It looks like we have a spectator!" Then I would like Keri to pick the camera up and hold it in the palm of her hand. Then she can say to the camera, "So which one of us do you think was here first?" Then she can say "Oh! He looks scared!" Then she can say "Don't worry! We won't hurt you!" Then Blondzilla can say "How about we destroy the city together?! We can take turns carrying this little guy around while he watches us destroy his city!" Then Keri can say "That sounds like a plan!" Then Keri can say "I will destroy a building first and then I will hand this guy off to you. And then you can destroy something next and then later this guy can decide which one of us is more destructive!" So the rest of this clip is basically Blondzilla and Keri taking turns destroying buildings and other things while the little guy watches. So first Keri can hold the camera while she destroys a building with one hand and her feet or whatever else she wants to destroy buildings with then she can hand the camera off to Blondzilla and she can do the same thing. This clip does not need any special effects. Just sound effects such as booming footsteps will be good enough. After Blondzilla and Keri have destroyed 2 or 3 buildings then Keri can say "Okay! Let's take a break!" Then I would like Keri and Blondzilla to toss the camera back and forth between each other. And before they toss the camera they can talk to each other and say something like "I'm kind of bored now! How about we toss this guy around for a little bit back and forth?" Then the other can agree with that and then they can start tossing the camera back and forth. After they have tossed the camera around like 2 or 3 times. Then I would like for Keri to take the camera and say "Sorry! It's nothing personal! We are just bored!" Then I would like her to give the camera a kiss and then stuff the camera in between her breasts. Then she can say something like "You deserve a break little guy!" Then after she has the camera in between her breasts for a couple of minutes then she can hand it off to Blondzilla and she can do the same thing. Then Blondzilla can give the camera back to Keri and she can say to the camera "It was fun destroying your city! But I think it's time we moved on to the next one!" Then Keri can put the camera on the ground and then she can ask Blondzilla "Are you ready to destroy another city?" Then Blondzilla can say "Sure" and then they can walk away and then the clip can end. By the way when Keri and Blondzilla are taking turns destroying the city they can put the camera in different spots like on the ground, on top of a building, or hold the camera in their hand while they destroy a building. Let me know if you have any questions or would like any more details. And I definitely want this clip shot with a virtual reality camera! Thanks.

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