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Girls Can Be So Cruel

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Girls Can Be So Cruel
Running Time:
26 Minutes

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Tags: Crush, Feet, POV, Buildings, Models, Sisters,
Description :     When Regina and Judy end up bullying Nick, they find out a lot more about him than they were expecting. It turns out not only does Nick enjoy building model buildings, but he has a Giantess fetish. Things go from bad to worse after the two girls shrink him and find out he has a photo of Judy's feet on his phone. The girls threaten to crush some of his model buildings, but that's mainly just to torment him. Instead they eventually change their focus to stepping on him! They figure he'll like it anyway. Nike is especially embarrassed when they can tell he's getting a hard on under their feet. That's right before they finally finish him off under their feet!

This video contains both third person scenes and POV, telling a whole story. It was a custom request that has some fantastic feedback. Here's what the customer who ordered it had to say:

So for starters, Regina and Judy were fabulous. They played the roles of bullies very well. Everything flowed very smoothly between them, and I didn't notice too many awkward pauses or anything like that. You did great filling in for my role. At first I was worried that having the third voice in there would distract from Regina and Judy, but you were able to craft a dialogue that made your parts integrate nicely, without being overused.

The pacing was great too, and that does count for a lot considering that this was 26 minutes long. One of the things I've always liked about your clips is that you packed all the important bits into a short timespan, so there isn't too much front-end padding like so many amateur studios do. And if we look at this as a 9-minute intro followed by a 17-minute POV clip, I still think that first segment fits great. Granted, the clip is still new to me, so I like seeing all of it without skipping, but at least as of now I haven't felt the need to skip to "the good bits". Well done on that front.

Overall, this was pretty darn close to perfect. It was well worth it on all accounts, and I am very very happy. I hope Regina and Judy had as much fun making it as you did. I will certainly enjoy this for a long time.

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