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Kerri and the Micro Cities

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Kerri and the Micro Cities
Running Time:
19 minutes

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Tags: pov, mirco, mega, Kerri taylor, booty, crush, feet, mouth
Description :     Could you make a video where Kerri Taylor does that video that Sinn sage did where she found a shrink ray in a waiting room and a tiny city apears but use the paper buildings, Sinn Sage in Micro City Mash PArt 2, she steps on a city, she sits on a city all that pov stuff, please show her sexy mouth too like she's about to eat a whole city in one bite, I'd like her to use a magnifying glass in some scenes to show perspective, but I also want her to do 2 scenes from that video M.E.G.A. Vol 2 Melanie & Krystal Apocalypse, where she gets a straw and suck up some people in a city, I'd like her to where a black tank top and some yoga pants in this, she takes it off later and is wearing a black bikini.

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