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Bad Genie

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Bad Genie
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Tags: giantess, Genie, feet, crush, Suzi, Manhadled by feet, pov, SFX
Description :     This was a custom video, Customer wanted the beach scene from Thief of Bagdad with a female Genie of course and changed up a bit. then later he wanted to add an intro that was like the Escape scene in the 1976 King Kong,. Genie is out of her bottle and walking around town casually crushing people as she walks then King Solomon shows up and puts her back in her bottle, A thousand years pass and a guy, Who must be descendant of King Solomon ;-) finds the bottle and expects to get his three wishes but what he gets is allot of feet torture, She even picks him up between her toes, finally she crushes him then blinks out to cause more trouble.

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