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Calis Babies

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Calis Babies
Running Time:
17 minutes

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Tags: pov, handheld, sunk bath, doll, feet,
Description :     Cali plays a school teacher who is actually a witch, you are in detention because you have been starting at her feet and one too many times, she gave you many warnings but you just don not listen and now you must pay the price, she shrinks you down to doll size. She tells you wait right there and goes to her pocket book and takes out the two female dolls she walks over to you and tells you she shrunk your girlfriend and her best friend. She toys with them and now tells you that she is keeping them as her daughters. She always wanted to have kids. As she plays with them you try to make your escape. While holding the girls Cali chases you, she finally catches you. She takes off her heels and raises her foot up and down pretending to squash you, while holding the girls in her hand. She decides she wants to keep since it be nice to have a boy. She picks you up and places both you and the girls inside her cleavage and heads home. I really want Cali in the above scene to call them her little babies, be good little babies to momma, etc. She gets home, still in her cleavage and grabs a bottle of lotion. She quickly puts some on her hands to make them soft and then takes them out. Now that they are her children, they must do what she says. Her feet hurt and she wants them to give mommie a foot massage she the takes the blonde female doll while taking her black heels off, puts lotion on her feet and smears on her foot, rubbing her body on her soles and especially on the side of her foot and then making her kiss each of her toes, especially the big one. She then takes the male does the same and even comments saying "baby is enjoying this" making a referenceto his erection and again, rubbing him under sole, heel, the side of foot and kissing each of her toes. I would like him (if you can) have her big toe. She then cleans them up over the sink, carrying all three and lays back down on the couch, with her feet up crossed, cradling her babies in her arms, cooing them and caressing them. She the asked if they want to be close by mommies feet since they are nice and soft now. She the places them by her feet wiggling her toes, teasing them.

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