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Inside Your Boss Mouth (POV)

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Inside Your Boss Mouth (POV)
Running Time:
12 minutes

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Description :     Filmed with Mile High Films' brand new SHRUNKEN CAMERA! This high-definition prototype camera was custom built to achieve the most epic giantess POVs possible and truly shrinking viewers down in size! In addition to this camera this film also contains a handheld FX scene and open mouth swallowing FX scene!

Your tall and beautiful boss Raven calls you up to her office to discuss your recent antics in the office - in particular your relations with a female co-worker you kind of fucked and forgot to call. (Shit) You quickly find out that Raven doesn't take kindly to your type of... men working for her. Before you can even defend yourself you're fired, shrunken, and in the palm of her hand!

Raven makes your punishment all too clear- you are to be digested by your Boss's stunning body! She torments you with the details of your acidic fate and then proceeds to slather you in her saliva. All filmed with the shrunken camera - She kisses you, sucks on you, licks you all over, and pushes you deep inside her mouth and against the back of her throat!

- Blow a load on the back of Raven Rae's throat as she swallows you!
- Full of wet and sticky audio from deep inside Raven Rae's mouth!
- Includes a handheld FX scene and a killer swallowing mouth FX scene!
- 90% of the video is filmed with the shrunken camera from your POV!
- Detailed internal audio (no music!) and SLOW motion inside mouth shots!
- As usual, contains a surprise tease for an upcoming film!

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