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Alexis Grace - Fate of my brother SFX

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Alexis Grace - Fate of my brother SFX
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Description :     Alexis is tall beautiful girl who has the younger brother. She knows that he is a pervert, who dreams of her feet and sniffs her sweaty socks. Alexis decides to punish her nasty brother and shrunk him to a few inches size. She offers little pervert to rub and lick her giant size 10 feet which he had dreamed. Alexis puts a little brother to the floor so that he could admire the giant feet of his sister. She likes the new size of her brother; he is so small and fragile that she could easily crush him with just one step. Alexis pushes her brother with foot, applying a little bit weight of her body and makes lick the dirt between the toes. Finally she decides to get rid of the nasty pervert brother and crushes him like disgusting bug. She is slowly twists the foot and enjoys crunching bones of her brother. Little pervert got what he deserved.

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