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Just pocket change for this giantess hotel maid!

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Just pocket change for this giantess hotel maid!
Running Time:
6 minutes

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Description :     Orias is a sexy and hardworking hotel maid in this clip. While making a bed one day, she discovers a bunch of shrunken men on a bed! Maybe a dominatrix left them behind... well, you all make a great tip for Orias! She loves scooping you all up and rubbing you all over her body... she drops you into her blouse and forces you to worship her giantess breasts... and last but not least, she loves gobbling you up as she licks her lips!

Note from Siren: Orias is another one of the talented models I shot at FetishCon! She has an awesome screen presence and is really able to get into any role! She is sadistically skilled with her dialogue but also quite sweet!

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