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Remi Eats Her Coworkers

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Remi Eats Her Coworkers
Running Time:
5 minutes

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Description :     This video is from our first video shoot with a Giantess Zone / Media Impact model. Remi has shrunken down her coworkers and now has them trapped in her hands. She's fed up with them and has decided to eat all of them. Some she eats on their own but she also eats two best friends together, and finally eats three together at the end. They're all chewed up throughout this one. She tells them off throughout for always being mean to her at work. Remi rubs her tummy for a small bit too at the end. There is some shadow from the camera near the beginning, but it doesn't last too long. No additional lighting is used in this one. 5min 40 sec.

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