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What Goes Down Must Come Up

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What Goes Down Must Come Up
Running Time:
12 minutes

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Description :    

Kbella Stars in the latest GrowthDrreams Video as an inspector who is doing a safety inspection of Mega Labs and finds many problems and threatens to Report the lab to the company but Joe decides to just shrink her with the shrinking spray he was working on. After a cool Shrinking woman process scene Gary puts her in a cage and leaves but she escapes the cage and finds a growth formula and restores her normal size and after she finds some clothes she confront Joe but he tries to shrink her again but this time she counters it with the Growth formula and not only does not shrink but she grows even more until she is Giantess. We get brief Giantess scene were she eats a guy steps on a girl and finally finds Joe and crushes him between her fingers. Then she has a third growth spurt and becomes a mega goddess.


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