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The Giantess Virus

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The Giantess Virus
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Tags: Elexis Jayde, growing, pantyhose rip, foot growth, growth, giantess, nylons, growhaus, giantess growth, pantyhose, stockings
Description :     A virus has been spread that makes people giants. Elexis was touched by one of the infected. She starts freaking out and begins to feel weird. She goes to the bathroom to check herself out and begins to get taller. She runs to the hallway and stops suddenly because the sensation hits her hard. Her feet begin growing in her shoes, until they burst out. She begins getting taller right in the hallway. Her skirt lifts and rips off, her coat falls off her growing arms and shoulders, her shirt lifts exposing her chest, her pantyhose rip from her waist to her toes, and her bra and underwear get tighter and tighter. She grows until she is about to burst through the ceiling.. about to be one of the giants running around the city.part 2 coming soon!!

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