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Bug Sized Under Kittys Booming Footsteps POV

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Bug Sized Under Kittys Booming Footsteps POV
Running Time:
6 Minutes

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Description :     Welcome to the ground shaking premiere of Kitty Becket! Our latest star shrinks down her ex and gets ready to stomp him into the ground. If you want to feel like a bug as a girl stomps around high above you, this is an awesome experience! This one is decently different with advanced slow motion creating a much larger effect to many of her stomps. Also this video uses our latest booming voice effect to really make Kitty's voice resound high above you! Get ready to be crushed under Kitty's beautiful feet and support our latest model's first video! I've waited years to get a chance to shoot with Kitty and I think you'll see why.

As always, lots of action for a low price!


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