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25 Hi Res Pages,

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Tags: comic, growth, giantess, gentle, erotic
Description :     Set sail with the sexiest and wildest all female crew at sea! Captain Grandessas crew is not your usual pirate crew, they loot, plunder and take sexy female elves as slaves like any other, but they also like to grow, have sex with each other and grow while having sex! What happens when an enemy pirate crew shows up and Grandessa decides to bring out the big guns or shall we say the big giantess? And when one lucky male pirate gets chosen to play with the twins? Giantess, breast growth, ass growth, clothes ripping, boot busting, super size breast growth before other parts grow, super size ass growth before other parts grow, twin mini giantess sex with normal size man, mini giantess with tall amazon sex, orgy on top of a giantess stomach, giantess with giantess sex and more!
br> Growth is caused by magical trident. All characters are 18 or older. Written by ZZZ. Cover art by Paulo Barrios, Interior lines by Norin Jenei, colors by Ross Campbell and Stéphan Lemineur. This is in PDF format.
br> Collectors edition is 54 pages, includes all 22 normal pages as well as 22 pages without text, a 3 stage growth sequence by HSefra colored by Francesca Piscitelli, featuring Starlight from Pixie No More. Thar BE GTS full color front and back and close up character concept art of Captain Grandessa and full color front and back art of First Mate Hills, line art page from Thar BE GTS featuring breast growth, very advanced pencil page preview of Collateral Dee, a super hero comic where the main character Dee grows to giantess size from electricty, the page features some of the sexy villain giantesses and amazons causing destruction. Full color preview of Pixie No More 2, featuring the two new female characters in this medieval multi size change adventure, and full color preview of ninGTSu, a comic set in the same world as Pixie No More with sexy and naughty ninja girls on an adventure that experience giantess growth, FMG, and SW, the page features two of the sexy ninjas, one getting caught being very naughty with herself!

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