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Pleasure in a Box SFX

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Pleasure in a Box SFX
Running Time:
11 minutes

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Description :     This is a co-production with Giantess Deeane.
Giantess Deeane just bought a new pair of ballerinas in a very spacial store. With her new pair of shoes she received a tiny little slave as a gift, to take care of her feet! But this kind of shoes always smell bad and this tiny slave don’t want to serve the giantess, he’s lazy and don’t want to massage her tired feet.. She decides to call the store, ask for a new one to play with and kill the lazy one. Her roomate gloria is just coming back from gym, this is a good opportunity to see if the new tiny slave is able to survive to extremely stinky feet, but after a while, she accidentaly kill with with her height and don’t want to tell it to Deeane. She has to find a new one before she come back home, but will Deeane realize this slave is not the same she used few hours ago ?

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