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Audens Tiny Little Brother Bug POV

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Audens Tiny Little Brother Bug POV
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Description :     You wander into your sister Auden's room when she's sleeping and get too close, waking her up. She's a little annoyed when you touch her foot and keep trying to look at them. So she shrinks her brother down and puts him on the bed. After getting a short foot massage Auden considers what to do with you since you've been so annoying to her. She even considers just crushing you, hoping your mom could just have a girl next instead that wouldn't be so annoying. Auden considers eating you next and even shows off the inside of her mouth to you! In the end however, she taunts you saying she wants to crush you under your giant sisters foot. However she changes her mind and returns you to normal size, then asking you to leave her room. Another story driven adventure focusing on being tiny before your big sister.

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