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Alone with Him Part 1

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Alone with Him Part 1
Running Time:
7 minutes

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Description :     See through the eyes of Betty's co-worker Henry as you approach her after canceling your last few dates. Understanding as always, she gives you some water to drink so you can clear your throat before offering another lame explanation. You gulp it down eagerly and immediately begin to shrink down to the ground! Betty stands over you in her sexy business suit while you shrink to eye level with her sexy black pumps before passing out! You awake to find your naked body taped to the pillow as Betty teases you with her bare feet, rubbing them all over your helpless, naked frame. She takes you for a ride in her Cadillac and when you arrive at her house, she climbs in the back seat and teases your body with her warm, soft tongue. The next morning, you awake as Betty is emerging from the shower and she tells you that all your fantasies are about to come true. She offers you another special potion and you fall asleep once again. You awake to find yourself in the middle of her town and you are no more than 1 inch tall! As Betty stands over you in her sexy black bikini, you run for cover but her giant feet block your path. You slowly climb her giantess body, taking your time to enjoy every inch as you climb to the very top and bury yourself in her silky hair. Next, you pretend that her body is an island and you are an explorer. You climb on top of her and explore her body for hidden treasures, kissing her all over. Later that evening, you find yourself in bed with Betty who is wearing her sexiest bra and panties, waiting for you to kiss her giantess body all over. You awake from you're your ultimate fantasy to find Betty standing over you, asking if you are ok. She tells you that you fainted could it all have been just a dream?

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