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Swans Shrunken Girlfriend Squish POV

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Swans Shrunken Girlfriend Squish POV
Running Time:
5.5 Minutes

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Description :     Huge fan favourite Swan is back in this new video! Her girlfriend is late meeting up with her in the park, and Swan has finally had enough. This isn't the first time she's been late and Swan ends up shrinking her down using her magical powers! She talks to her a bit at her girlfriends new shrunken size, but then remembers how much she used to like her feet. After sliding off her shoes, Swan shows off her feet a bit before finally deciding to step on the shrunken girl! A short SFX scene shows the tiny girlfriend getting squashed underfoot. Includes a few advanced slow motion replays at the end as well so you can take in all the detail of Swan's awesome soles!

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