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Gently Licking And Kissing Tenshis New Girlfriend POV

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Gently Licking And Kissing Tenshis New Girlfriend POV
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Description :     You are a female friend of Tenshi's of many years now. She invited you to the park today, it turns out, to tell you she's always had this secret crush on you. Tenshi reveals that she especially likes your breasts, and she's curious what they'll taste like. You think it's strange when she asks to lick you, but then Tenshi reveals she wants to shrink you down first to get the full taste of you. Tenshi explains that a long time ago she used to shrink people and destroy them, but with you, she's just curious. In a quick blast of magic you begin shrinking down. Tenshi then puts you up in a nearby cherry blossom tree. She admits it's a huge turn on to see you like this, and then starts licking at you, enjoying how you taste. You are safe with her though and she really enjoys it. You're licked for awhile, including some advanced slow motion scenes. Tenshi even licks your shirt off by accident. Eventually she even takes you out of the tree and kisses you for awhile. Tenshi is so in love and in the end she just wants to take you home and keep you safe.

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