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Dinner Date

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Dinner Date
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Tags: Giantess, Shrinking POV, Ass, Big Tits, Latex, Rubber Extreme Close Up, Eyes, Redhead, Third person vore, Lips, Teeth, Mouth, Tongue, Chewing, Swallowing
Description :     You have got a dinner date with a sexy redhead. You cannot believe how hot she looks in her rubber dress. You are so enamored with it you hardly hear what she is saying. Those tits,.. that ass,... She catches you staring and begins to tease you with her rubber wrapped curves. You are drawn in by this dress.... completely enthralled when you notice that you're starting to feel funny. Your date is horrified as it seems that you are shrinking! Her horror turns to delight as she confesses that she is the cause of your demise. Her dress is magic and it is the reason that you now find yourself a fraction of her size. She;s going to have you for dinner,.. but not quite the way you had hoped. She picks you up and teases you with her red lips, white teeth, pink tongue. She salivates as she talks about how she is going to eat you up. You are going to feel so good in her tummy. She can't wait. The giantess presses you against her massive breasts and smooth stomach. You heart is pounding from the journey you are about to take. Bon Apetite!

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