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Orias shrinks you into a young, tiny wanker!

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Orias shrinks you into a young, tiny wanker!
Running Time:
11 minutes

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Tags: pov
Description :     Petite, blonde Orias is so sick of you bossing her around all these years... saying that she is soo short, young, and naive. She confronts you with her frustrations and during the conversation, offers you a drink. You start to feel really strange. Suddenly, you're not looking down on Orias like you usually are! You are actually the same height as her now! You feel tingling all over your body as you keep shrinking.

Oh no!! Your height isn't the only thing that is shrinking... so is your cock! You feel more naive all of a sudden and Orias has to teach you about your cock all over again. It is like you've become younger too! Orias is delighted at the fact that now YOU have to learn from HER. She makes you her bitch boi and teaches you how to stroke your little cock, your micro pecker, all over again!

Orias looks at you hungrily. What a tasty morsel you look like now. You fit in between her fingertips. She picks you up and swallows you whole! You can feel her mouth, her lips, her tongue, and her throat close down on your tiny little body. She rubs her belly, satisfied! You have become a part of her body.The ultimate revenge on her bully... shrinking and regressing him and eating him up!

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