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Sahrye takes over the neighborhood

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Sahrye takes over the neighborhood
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: Sahrye, pov, giantess, kissing. vore
Description :     The idea came from an episode of the Land of the Giants but more extensive. You'll need 1 or two ho/oo scale houses (any type but as long as they're 1 story ) with removable roof and ho/oo scale figures I'd also want her to wear pantyhose The video starts off with the camera looking up at the roof. A loud banging takes place(you knocking on the roof) You remove the roof and look inside with a bright happy smile on your face. You look at the little people and greet them. You say you have a little surprise for the tiny folk and then take a cup filled with dirt and empty onto the camera as if she is burying the little ones- laughing while she does it. Added screams and sounds of panic would be nice The next house you repeat the roof removal but you have a water bottle in hand. You take a swig of the water look down and asks,'Are you tiny people thirsty? No? Who cares!' You take another swig then empty to contents of your mouth onto the camera.You proceed to pour water into the building POV style like you are splashing the viewer- laughing while you do it.Again added screams The third house you remove the roof and and say to the viewer, again POV style from within the house, "I'm out of lipgloss and you tiny folk can help!' She smiles evilly and she reaches into the house and pulls out a couple of the figures. She proceeds to bite off their heads and use the corpses and use their insides to moisturize her lips. The fourth house is shot outside the house and there are tiny folk scattered about. Her feet appear menacingly and she crouches over the building. You pick up the building and look inside. You then begin making out and kissing and licking the building passionately . After making out with the building. you remove the roof and say hello to the folks within, maybe waving to them. She tells the occupants that their decor is really ugly but you can help. She then put your foot inside the building, pretending to crush the people and anything inside .Again, sounds of tinies screaming She then addresses the people scattered around the ground and say "poor little people- all homeless. I'll give you a good home!" She then proceeds to pickup the figures in the palm of one hand- say goodbye to them then lick them off your hand with an evil grin on her face.

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