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Real estate agent finds tiny man

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Real estate agent finds tiny man
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: giantess, micro, shoes, thighs, hand held
Description :     Sahrye is a real estate woman again and she was about to show a house to a special client that sent extra to her. As she is waiting on the couch she feels something on her thigh and as she looks down she gets surprised but also happy to see the tiny client. He explains that he is completely obsessed with her and she recognize the tiny client as a old school friend that had giantess fetish. She then tell him that she will be his personal giantess as she puts him on the floor and playfully threatens to crush him with her butt, feet and breast but he got another idea that he send a lot more if she will crush him with her big strong thighs. She gladly agree and does it very slowly with saying how her thighs crushes his tiny bones and that she feels he is about to pop! Just as she is about to finish him off she gets a text from the client that he have changed his mind but still sent her money so she slowly opens her thighs and apologize for the enormous pressure as she realize she flattened his tiny body a bit but he is still alive. She kisses him and takes him with her to let him recover.

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