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Honey I am unaware they shrunk with Tilly

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Honey I am unaware they shrunk with Tilly
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: Tilly, Unaware, Crush, booms, shakes, vore, shoes
Description :     unaware giantess custom. Kind of a honey i shrunk the people vibe. Script: The model plays a female scientist mother who has been working on her a shrink ray(which is in the form of a remote control) while her step people are at school. She attempts a few tries on a couple of objects with no success before saying "another failure huh?", i guess ill try again a bit later", before deciding to leave and go out and run a few errands. Her step people arrive home, and with no one home they decide to invite the neighbor people over along with a few of their friends from school. One of the people touches the remote control which creates a huge radius that ends up shrinking everyone down to bug size!. Some time later she returns home from her errands, and is confused as no one is home(with her hands on her hips) and says to herself "Huh that's weird, there is no one here?, Hello?, people are you home?..Yeah i guess they are not here." as she dismisses as they probably went out to hang with their friends( even though they are shrunk right beneath her feet.) She walks forward and unknowingly crushes a few of the people right beneath her shoes, then right after looks down and lifts her shoe up a bit( Can the clay figurine or tiny figurine stick to the bottom of the shoe?) and says "Ooh! i think i just stepped on something sticky on the floor" before wiping her shoes on the floor tiles trying to get the stickiness off beneath her shoes. She then returns back to trying her shrink ray remote she left on the table to try again and wonders on what the issue is and why her earlier experiments blow up instead of shrinking matter. She then notices what she thinks is a bug on the floor and quickly squashes it under her shoe and wipes off the excess on her she and shakes her head and says "That is the second thing i stepped on today!" I'm going to have to clean this place up in a bit afterwards". Then after she decides to make a bowl of cereal, but somehow a few of the people are inside of the cereal box, and she ends up pouring them into her bowl as the people try to get her attention( can one of the angle to look like the cheerio scene from honey, shrunk the people?). But to no avail as she talks to herself on how she can improve on her failed attempts, and ends up eating a few of the people. She then afterwards decides to call the people to see where they are but to no answer, and decides to clean up afterwards after mentioning about the house being a bit dirty earlier on.

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