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Vonka and Sahrye in Growing Problems

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Vonka and Sahrye in Growing Problems
Running Time:
18 Minutes

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Tags: Giantess, Vonka, Sahrye, Growth
Description :     Total of 4 pure growing scenes 1st Scene: Sahrye is relaxing at home and sees a cup of water on her table unaware of it actually being a growth potion she takes a small sip and a few seconds later her boobs begin to slowly grow and leggings begin rise up her legs but she doesn’t feel or notice anything She proceeds to finish the rest of it. She doesn’t feel anything happening to her until her feet grow and break through her flip-flops. Shocked she stands up wondering how her feet grew then she begins to feel her entire body tingling as it begins to grow even more. She starts moaning and breathing heavily scared as her clothes get tighter and tighter eventually ripping off of her until she’s only in her bra and underwear. She continues to grow to the ceiling as her bra and underwear contain and and rip off 2nd Scene: The potion appears in another place as Vonka returns home from running errands. Very tired she sits on her couch and notices the potion on her table and wonders when did she pour that but doesn’t think about it too much and proceeds to down the entire thing as she closes her eyes and begins daydreaming. While she’s daydreaming she doesn’t feel her clothes getting tighter as her body is slowly getting bigger. She wakes back up from the sound of her leggings beginning to rise up her legs and ripping off her body she stands up in a panic as she wonders what’s happening as he shoes snap off and the rest of her clothing tears off until she gets to the ceiling with nothing left on 3rd Scene: A few days go by and Sahrye is confident that the growing has stopped as she gets ready to start her day but gets proven wrong as she begins to feel her body tingling again she begins to panic as all her clothing and shoes rip off of her again on her way to her ceiling with nothing left on Final Scene: Vonka is getting ready for work but gets a text from her boss that she can take the day off. She happily sits on her couch and begins to plan the rest of her day. But what she didn’t plan for is her body growing again as she feels the same tingling sensation from last time. She begins breathing heavily as her shoes and clothing get tighter and tighter eventually ripping off of her until she has nothing left on at her ceiling once again.

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