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Miss Vivian - Bigger is Better Frequent Flyer edition

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Miss Vivian - Bigger is Better Frequent Flyer edition
Running Time:
75 Minutes

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Tags: Vivian, giantess, pov, feet, crush, MEGA, vore, ass, feet
Description :     Another installment of the Bigger is better series. As usual it starts with a simple growth sequence then a standard Giantess attack with a few new touches but still has lots of boobs, ass and vore and then she grows again but not right to MEGA size as usual, instead she grows enough to attack an airport and terrorize the tiny planes and terminal. Lastly she of course does become MEGA size and attacks some cities. Lots of everything in this. The video is 75 minutes long but it is priced reasonably so do not worry about the length. This video is a bargain at this price.

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