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Sahrye in cat and mouse FX

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Sahrye in cat and mouse FX
Running Time:
16 Minutes

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Tags: sahrye , giantess , shrinking, boom, shakes, chasing, gentle, licking, sfx, pov
Description :     I am coming over to visit my girlfriend for our night to be kinky, as I had decided to take a little bit of my “shrinking” medicine, ready to shrink once I arrived. I get there and am greeted by my girlfriend, who seems to have her own little bit of fun planned. She’s dressed from head to toe like a cat. She says that she wanted to play a little more of a predatorial role this time, and leans in to nuzzle my face, while playfully meowing (I’d like her to have that cute trait the whole time. To be meowing cutely when I’m normal sized, and for it to sound almost a bit like roars once I’m shrunken). After she nuzzles me, she says that she’s gotta retouch her “nose”, and leaves to redo her makeup. It’s here where I soon shrink down to the size of a flea, right on her floor. After a bit, the earth starts to shake, and soon, it’s revealed as my girlfriend, towering over me like a mountain. Her stomps completely boom, and her voice roars with each word. She has no idea what happened to me, and paces a bit, nearly stomping on me as she worries, meowing (roaring) out loud in a worried tone. She almost gives up, and thinks I went home. Then she remembers I mentioned something about using a “shrinking” medicine for tonight, and now thinks it went off early, and starts looking around for me. She gets on her hands and knees, and starts crawling around, shaking the earth for me, calling out to me, while still meowing (roaring), fully embracing her cat character. As she crawls, I try moving around myself, but her hands and feet keep smashing in my paths, almost trapping me a few times, while not knowing it. She was also sniffing at the ground, almost trying to see if she could actually sniff me out. She starts crawling closer and closer, shaking the earth more and more, and her nose is almost close to me, when finally she finds me, instantly shocked by how tiny I had made myself, and asks why I didn’t wait for her. I tell her it’s because I hoped it would be a surprise, but a little later on when we were ready for it. She giggles, and says that she guesses there’s no harm done. That she had found him, and he was safe. She starts getting into character again, and starts meowing, a bit more seductively, and decides that she finds her flea quite attractive. She starts sniffling him again, pressing her nose to the camera, almost as if she’s heavily rubbing down on him with her nose, and meowing still as she’s sniffing him. She then stands up to full height and looms over him, asking how giant she looks, as she stomps around, intentionally shaking him up, knowing she has the power to shake his world, and he loves it. All while still meowing. It ends with her picking him up in her hand, saying she’ll give him a lift to the bedroom, where the REAL fun can begin, right before leaning it to sniffle him one more time, before kissing him and meowing one last time.

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