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How Did You Get In There?

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How Did You Get In There?
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Tags: Giantess, Mouth Fetish, Femdom POV, Female Domination, Shrinking Fetish, Voyeur
Description :     Macy Nikole is sitting at the table with her fresh cup of coffee to start her day off right! It doesn't get any better then that. Macy takes a few sips then feels something in her mouth. She gets it out and sets you down on the table. Woah, you are alive. How did you get in there? You are so tiny, no wonder she didnt see you in her cup of coffee. Macy has never seen a person the size of a grain of rice. She can barely hear you but she wants to know why you are in her house. Not only were you in her house but you were in her food. Were you trying to do something bad to her food? Even after only having a tiny microscopic brain you are still a little man perv. She sees you looking and being disrespectful. Something tells Macy you were doing something a little troublesome thats how you landed in her coffee. Macy has good plans for why you are in here now.

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