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360 4K VR - Tormenting Kyle In The Bathtub POV and FX - 4K Quality

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360 4K VR - Tormenting Kyle In The Bathtub POV and FX - 4K Quality
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: 360 VR, Virtual Reality, Barefoot, Bathtub, Bathing, FX
Description :     Eclipse considers Kyle to be quite the bully. She hasn't liked how he's treated her friend Brittany either. So she's decided to get rid of her little problem. Shrunken and at Eclipse's mercy, Kyle finds himself in her bathtub! Enjoy Eclipse's chilling dialogue as she considers what to do with the tiny man. All from his perspective above and below the water. Mostly in her hands and down at her feet, but there's also two very short vore scenes as well. Everything wraps up after Kyle has been stepped on and Eclipse unplugs the tub to let him flush down the drain! There's even a short FX scene where you can see Kyle below trying to swim for freedom!

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