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These Chucks Were Made For Crushing

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These Chucks Were Made For Crushing
Running Time:
17 Minutes

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Tags: Giantess, MEGA, Crush, Blondzilla, sneakers, SFX
Description :     Blondezilla is a scientist working for mega labs, attempting to perfect the work of Dr. Gary and stabilize the growth formula for public use...or at least that's what she told the shareholders. In reality, she's attempting to turn herself into a giantess using a pair of Chucks that will allow her to stomp her way to becoming queen of the world. She's finally perfected them and is ready to go from giant to MEGA as fast as she can. Her shoes will help her with this, as every person, car, and building she stomps will cause her to grow even more. *Start of Opening Scene, small table with test tubes and beakers and a cardboard shoe box. Blondezilla walks in cackling an evil laugh* "Ahhh yes, my experiment is almost complete. Those fools...they won't even know what happened before it's too late. They'll be under my feet soon. Now..." *Blondezilla opens the box and pulls out one of the chucks, smiling* "Oh yes, these will be perfect. The power contained in these shoes....with them I'll be unstoppable. I can't wait any longer! *Close up shots of Blondezilla putting on the shoes, have her gasp sensually when she gets both of them on and stand up, feeling her body with her hands* "Ooooooo yes....every cell in my body feels alive. It's working...yes it's working!" *Growth will be erotic, occasionally have Blondezilla moan and say "Bigger" during this scene. She will outgrow the building and be standing in a city (SFX)* *She looks down at herself, reveling in her new size* "Mmmmm it's so sexy to be big...but I think I could stand to grow a little more" *At this point, Blondezilla will begin crushing people, cars and buildings, growing larger each time she does. Some lines she can use here* -You belong under my soles! -Mmmm yeah make me grow insects -Your queen needs your sacrifice *evil laugh* -Bow to my beautiful shoes... I SAID BOW! -Hmmm maybe I'm big enough. Just kidding *stomp* I'll never be big enough Ad lib lines are okay as well here *To end the video, have Blondezilla come across a power plant. She stands in front of it, wiggling her toes in her shoes in anticipation (close up shot of shoes in front of the power plant)* "Muahaha, let's see what it's like to get REALLY BIG!" *She steps on it and proceeds to outgrow the earth (shot of feet overtaking continents) laughing the whole time. The video will end with Blondezilla standing on the planet, then looking down and saying* "Mmmm these are definitely my favorite shoes now"

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