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Insatiable - Narrated by Ivory Soles (VR360)

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Insatiable - Narrated by Ivory Soles (VR360)
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Tags: shrinking, giantess, VR360, 3D animation, audio narration, vore, feet joi, boot worship, foot worship, hand-held
Description :     It's been a while since my last 3D VR-360 project, and everyone kept asking me when is the next one coming...well, it's here, and I'm excited. I got the marvelous & Talented Ivory Soles to narrate this one. I thought she'd be perfect for it, and I was right. she got a very pleasant voice and a ton of talent, and this project proves that her beauty is only one aspect of her skills. this was her very first narration ever, and I think she did a terrific job!

YOU got a crush on the hottest girl in college. not only is she extremely beautiful and sexy...she's also filthy rich, which makes your puny chances with her even smaller.

that's why it was shocking for you when she actually invited you to her house. she lives in the top floor of a luxurious complex, owning the entire rooftop along with her very own private pool. your mind and imagination are racing when you make your way to your unexpected date.

your imagination wasn't enough to even hint at what is just about to take place in your reality...

almost 34 minutes of audio narration by the amazing Ivory Soles. a tension-filled tale of deep desires and nightmares merged into one mind-blowing experience

VR-360 stereo rendering, 2560*2560.








Vagina-nectar (yes...!)



Vore (Mouth, tongue, in-mouth pov, teeth, saliva)

this one was rendered in stereo-mode, which means each eye gets a different image and you'll experience a real-life sense of depth.

If you got a VR-headset, grab it. this is the closest thing to truly feeling tiny. if not - no worries! there's a Non-VR version coming up soon, so you could still enjoy the story, beautiful renders, and Ivory's stunning narration!

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