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Sahrye Crushing Domination

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Sahrye Crushing Domination
Running Time:
9 minutes

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Tags: Giantess, Crush, SFX
Description :     Sahrye is a giantess, she begins rampaging through the city crushing tiny people beneath her flip flops (All SFX people no plastic). Plenty of giantess dialogue about her giant feet and how she is going to step on, stomp on, squish, squash, crush the tiny people. A group of 3 tiny men are watching the rampage unfold when the leader of the group says "Don't be afraid, this is our city and we will crush whatever stands in our way!" Sahrye hears this, walks over to the group and says "I'm sorry, who is going to crush who?" The group scream as Sahrye crushes all 3 of them in one stomp. The rampage continues. Sahrye spots a tiny on a skyscraper and she picks him up, drops him on the ground and steps on him. Sahrye briefly stops her rampage to taunt the tiny people. While this is happening, one tiny man climbs onto her flip flop and starts shooting her toe. Sahrye says "Hey! Get off my foot you little bug!" Sahrye flicks her foot, causing the tiny to fall off and then she steps on him. Sahrye continues her rampage,  A strong tiny man is hiding behind a wall when Sahrye smashes her foot through the wall and tries to squish him.  Sahrye continues her rampage. Two tiny men confront Sahrye with the lead man saying "You wont get away with this, we're going to stop you". Sahrye laughs and says "Oh please, I've trampled countless giant slayers beneath my feet, you cant win." Sahryes foot kicks the two men, breaking their backs and sending them both flying. The lead guy lands slightly further away than his friend, both unable to get up. Sahrye walks over to the lead man, carelessly stepping on the other man as she does. Sahrye then says "Well, this has been fun, but I think I'm going to step on you now. My giant foot is going to flatten you like the insect you are." This last crush should be both in POV and normal shot; Sahrye raises her foot high above the tiny man and then slowly lowers it down on him, stomping down at the very last second. Sahrye then begins to very, very slowly twist her foot side to side, grinding the tiny man into the ground. Sahrye lifts her foot off him, showing the remains, laughs and says "Oh well, off to the next city now".

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