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Eclipse And Robbie - The Sacrifice Of Friendship

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Eclipse And Robbie - The Sacrifice Of Friendship
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: giantess, gts, vore, eaten, pov
Description :     It's here folks! The start of a new vore saga! Do you miss the days of Auden and Niles? Well get ready for a new couple. Robbie thought he was being asked out to the park because Eclipse liked him. Well, she does, but he's also going to be her ticket into a coven. The only trouble is, she needs to eat one of her friends to get in. Eclipse, having shrunk many people before, makes him tiny. She figures swallowing him whole would be nicer than cooking him at full size. She feels bad about all this, but she's also pretty sure she can get him out afterwards. This one ends with him being swallowed and a CGI throat POV. What's next for our couple? Only time will tell!

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