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Giantess Zoey Changes Wrestling Divisions

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Giantess Zoey Changes Wrestling Divisions
Running Time:
27 Minutes

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Tags: Giantess, Crush, wrestling,
Description :       I would like to order a video starring Zoey. Background: in a world of giant and tiny people, although they are living in peace but giant people have more rights than tiny because of power. Zoey is a failed wrestler in the giant people's world so she hasn't received any contract in a long time. One day the wrestle tournament of tiny people, its only an exhibition match but Zoey doesn't want to miss the chance.

Story begin: Zoey arrives in the stadium of tiny people, she is being polite and excited about the match. In the preparation phase, a tiny wrestler come to her wants to practice to perform better next, so they sort of practiced, Zoey uses her finger, toe to pin the tiny wrestler, toss him around and even used some tricks to pin him by breast and tip of the nose. Like half practice half playing him. But she is being careful not harm him 

The match is about to begin, Zoey shows her three-point underwear because that's what the audience wants to see. There are only 20 tiny people at the stadium but the whole tiny man world is watching on TV. She enter the arena and walks directly over the 20 tiny people, teases them and then picks up the cameraman and introduces herself to the entire tiny people world. She gently put cameraman down and the match is about to start. But the Wrestling ring is way too small for her, she couldn't put her foot inside, the referee will count to 10 or she will loss by disqualified. Zoey is anxious and keeps explaining to referee but she could step in without crushing them. So she picks up the referee and her opponent and step on the ring which collapsed. Then Zoey is immediately disqualified because she damaged the ring. Zoey is shocked but she hears the laughter from audience then she realizes this event is only for tiny people to humiliate a giantess

She is angry of it, she claims match will continue, she put the wrestler down, pin him down with her toe and put the referee down and order him to count, the referee refused, she says she will be tolerate tiny people humiliate her no more and the match can continue without a referee then she crushed him with her finger. She counted 1, 2 but she lift her toe, the match continued. She dropped her toe like a hammer on tiny wrestler's body, then use her finger do the same thing. Lastly she teases the tiny wrestler because he is hard to pin so she will have to KO him, she raised her foot then slowly step and crushed him. Zoey declared victory by her own, and of course she will not spare the 20 audience 

The rest 15 mins will be used to show how Zoey brutally torment the poor 20 tiny people, by stepping, crushing by hand , crushing between finger, crushing by sit on them, suffocate them by putting them in her armpit, put them in her panty and rub it, play them by her tongue and swallow them whole, . She will be transforming to evil because of anger to enjoy the power she has over tiny people.

End, she picks up the tiny cameraman again, telling the small world a giantess is not to be made fun of. She put the cameraman in her toes and left the stadium

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