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Breaking point - SFX Epic

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Breaking point - SFX Epic
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot fetish, foot worship, hand-held, ground shakes, booming sounds, nail tapping, pov, chase, micro shrink, extreme close-ups
Description :     After 12 years in the fetish industry, Gsfcreator has finally taken a flight to Tampa, Florida, to film with the best talents in the business. on one of his many shootings sessions, he meets Goddess Valora.

The session goes perfectly well, but little does the poor producer knows: Valora wants something from him, something that he holds dear and has been working and growing for more than 12 years...

She wants his very own Fetish business, and she is a woman who's used to get what she wants.

with a so-typical evil glint sparkling within her wicked eyes, Valora is using Gsfcreator's biggest weakness: her feet. she seduces him by making him smell, lick and worship her feet - thus, making him hard in no time. he thinks he's just getting some "free" foot-fetish fun. he doesn't plan to give Valora his business credentials. but after all, Valora has him just where she wants him

For her special shrinking spray needs him to be in a state of arousal in order to work, and he simply got no chance of resisting her wiggling toes.

The fetish producer's deepest fantasy - and biggest nightmare - is about to begin...

Yet another one of my big Epics from the Florida trip. a ton is going on this one. Foot-worship, gradual shrinking, ground-shakes/booming sounds, hand-held, nails tapping, chasing, toes, extreme close-ups, pov, micro-shrink.

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