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Zoey Upgrades you from Cleavage to ass Slave

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Zoey Upgrades you from Cleavage to ass Slave
Running Time:
15 Minutes

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Tags: Zoey, pov, shrinking, cleavage, ass, kissing, feet, shoes
Description :     The clip starts with the camera under Zoey's shirt and between her breasts. She is walking into a room and sits down on a couch. She looks down at the camera and smiles. She asks if I want to come out. She takes out the camera. Her smile turns to a concerned face and explains how she used to love having her own little secret pet between her boobs but it's just not exciting anymore. Zoey lifts the camera up above her head. Make sure the camera is angled down at her body on the couch. Have Zoey play with her cleavage with the hand not holding the camera. Zoey says: “I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that, since I’m bored with you, that I’ll make you normal sized again. I’m sorry, but that’s not happening” (she says this in a patronizing tone and laughs at the end of it). She is still laughing at the thought, “how would that even work *talking through laughter*!? You’ve been my little pet for 6 years now. What? You think if I let you be normal again that people won’t ask questions? You think you can go back to playing football? After living in my BRA for 6 years? I don’t think so.”Have Zoey place the camera back into her cleavage and talk about how she owns me, she squeezes her boobs a few times and says I need to look on the bright side. I got to spend years as the pet of the hottest cheerleader in school! Most men would do anything for that!4Now the camera starts to struggle and wiggle but Zoey squeezes her breasts together with the camera between them. She says "don't even try, I own you". She takes off her heel, picks it up, takes the camera out of her boobs and puts the camera into the sole of the heel. Places the heel with the camera in it on the floor and silently removes her top and sets it next to the camera. She removes her yoga pants and drops them onto the camera. She laughs and takes the pants off the camera with her foot then hovers her foot over the camera while wiggling and scrunching her toes. She talks about how fun it would be to squeeze me with her toes all day I could just live in her heels. She kneels and leans over the camera and says she wouldn’t do that. She lowers her chest onto the camera and picks it up with her cleavage. She stands up, puts her heel back on and sits back down on the couch. She picks up the camera and brings it close to her face. She puckers up to kiss the camera but opens her mouth wide at the last moment. She pulls the camera away so her lips fill the view. She licks her lips and raises the camera above her head with her mouth open, looking up at the camera. She teases the camera more, but wants to keep her pet. Have her think for a second and talk about how she loved how it felt when I squirmed in her hand when she pretended to eat me. She stands up and brings the camera around to her ass.44Zoey: “How do you feel about this huh? Just spend the rest of your life living in the back of my thong? I mean, you did just spend 6 years squished between my boobs, it’s not that different. "Have the camera in her hand looking at her ass as she rubs her ass with her free hand. And she tells me how much I'm going to love living in her sexy ass. She kisses the camera and keeps it up close to her lips. She talks about how she can tell how I’m excited to live the rest of my life in her thong between her butt cheeks.4Have the her back the camera up so we see her breasts and face. Have Zoey play with her hair and talk about how I always loved her ass when I was big and I got her into thongs! She says I’m meant to live on that tiny little strap deep in her booty cheeks. She smiles and plays with her hair and sexily bites her lip. She brings the camera to her cleavage one more time. She says, "say goodbye to your old home, you're my little butt boy now." She pulls the camera out of her breasts, sexily bites her lip and tells the camera it's time to go home, she LOVES this. She licks the camera, kisses it and she brings the camera around to her ass. Have her tease the camera while hovering above her ass. She can tell I’m excited to go inside. She pulls back her waist band and lowers the camera in.4Screen cuts to black and shows Zoey's full body, she grabs both of her butt cheeks and squishes them together. She talks about how amazing it feels to have a pet squirming and wiggling in her ass. She talks about how my new job is to squirm in her ass, and that her thong is my new home. I'm never coming out and she loves how it feels to have ass slave deep in her crack. It's time to go run. She talks about how I'm going to love the taste of her sweat. She rubs her ass one more time and talks again about how much she loves this. This is my forever home, she'll never take me out. While talking to her ass, she puts her tank top back on, then puts her yoga pants on so the waist band is right under her ass cheeks. Zoey: "Ok my ass slave, say goodbye to daylight! "She pulls the waist band of her yoga pants up over her ass. Zoey chuckles and while looking at her ass talks about how much better than her boobs this is. She loves how I feel deep in there and how much more fun this is. She threatens that if I don't keep squirming for her she can make my home even tighter. Zoey: She laughs and says, "but I don't want to do that... Yet. We can try THAT in bed some other time. After all, I don't just let ANY ass slave have anal with me! She stops and thinks for a second and says that I have been her pet for 6 years now. After 6 years doesn't a pet deserve anal? She says that all men want it after all. She's trying to rationalize what she's about to do to.4 She looks aroused by the idea and with one hand rub her ass and the other squeeze her breasts. She bites her lip sexily and says4Zoey: "although, if you happened to get pushed in there while I ran I'd let you stay and enjoy it... For a few months."4Zoey pushes her finger between her butt cheeks and moans. She says whoops! Then she bites her lip and brings her hand to her crotch and looks very aroused. She sways her hips and puts her hand on her ass. She looks over her shoulder at her ass talks about how all men dream of anal with her, and now you get to live that dream for a few months! She so nice to her ass slave, and she knows he's going to love it. Hell, he might just live his life experiencing anal with Zoey, how lucky is he!? She tells him to remember to lick her sweat and she walks out of the view of the camera.

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