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Shrunk By Your Sister Gwen Adora POV

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Shrunk By Your Sister Gwen Adora POV
Running Time:
5 Minutes

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Tags: gts, giantess, bbw, feet, barefoot, Gwen Adora, Sister, Brother, POV
Description :     We're very pleased to announce our very first video with the amazing Gwen Adora! In this one, you're her older step-brother who is visiting her in the park. However, she's not too impressed with you after you had sex with one of her friends. Fed up, she shrinks you down and torments you at her feet. It isn't long before she's standing high above you, considering squishing you. However, in the end Gwen decides it could be a lot more fun to keep you instead. At almost six minutes long and with lots of great dialogue, this is a great video with a fantastic BBW star! Includes some booming footsteps and ground shaking effects too! These will probably be our last videos with our classic HD camera that has carried us through all these years. There are a couple clunky sounds from the cam in this one, but it's still a very enjoyable watch with such a talented model.

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