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Giant Office Swallow

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Giant Office Swallow
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Description :     I manage to shrink myself and decide to sneak into your office to see if I'm able to find anything of Hannah’s to keep for myself. Hannah Perez walks into her office and notices me. At first, Hannah is frightened. Not knowing what I am, she then takes a closer look and decides to pick me up. She asks me who the hell am I and why the hell am I in her office. I confess that I am a worker at the same job, just in a different department hoping to admire a beautiful woman like you. Hannah gets pissed and says I have no right to be in her office. She says she has no clue who I am because I am that insignificant to her.Then Hannah threatens that I will be fired for invading personal space and harassment for stalking her. Hannah Perez mentions I need punishment but she doesn't know what to do. She manages to hear my tiny voice. I tell her that I wish to be swallowed whole by her, and ask if that could be my punishment. This makes Hannah disgusted, and she begins to degrade me for having a vile fantasy. But then, Hannah gets an idea. She agrees to swallow me whole if I manage to survive her sitting on me. I agree without hesitation and Hannah Perez tells me she hopes I die. After sitting on me, Hannan realizes I am still alive. Hannah insists on ruining me, begins to degrade me and make me feel like I'm worthless. Hannah licks me and becomes very disgusted. She tells me I should enjoy every second because this is probably the best thing to ever happen to me. Now she opens her mouth wide and tells me I better enjoy these last few moments of pleasure because I’m as good as gone. Showing no sign of remorse, Hannah Perez slowly opens her mouth and slowly puts my whole body inside her mouth. She then swallows me whole with a really loud swallow, and instantly acts as if nothing even happened. Casually, she struts out of the room.

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