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Tilly in GroundHog Day, Mommy knows best

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Tilly in GroundHog Day, Mommy knows best
Running Time:
16 Minutes

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Tags: Tilly, pov, vore, booty crush, tit fuck,
Description :     1. Son is on the couch, mom is looking for son wearing a bra and skirt, accidentally sits on the son - currently unaware the son is small.

2. Son revives on the ground, since the mom is sitting down, she sees his computer which has giantess porn and pics of her butt and boobs, gets disgusted. Then she sees him on the ground, picks him up, scolds him for shrinking himself. She notices he's hard so before he can get off she eats him.

3. Son revives next to her on the couch, she sees him trying to sneak up her skirt. She gets up, takes off the skirt, has a thong. Since she knows he likes this, she lets him jerk off to her butt as she shakes her butt and sits in front of him. Once he cums, she sits on him.

4. Son revives on the ground, she puts him in her bra then does a  tit fuck, Then after he cums she eats him.

5. Finally, she uses him to get off, once done shes lies down on the couch, has the son walk up her leg to her butt, allows him to fuck her. Once he nuts, shes licks him and the video ends.

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