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Cadence in Doctor Shrinkers pets

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Cadence in Doctor Shrinkers pets
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: sfx, keri, cadence, shrinking, feet, vore, crush
Description :      An 8-10 min SFX clip starring keri spectrum and Cadence and two tinies about an inch tall or less.      * Cadence is a mad scientist working for Keri. When Keri discovers a tiny couple in Cadences lab, she immediately thinks they are living dolls. What she doesn't realize is that Cadence has developed a shrinking formula and these are real people...but she plays along with Keri's ignorance.       * Keri doesn't understand what the value of having living dolls would be as they aren't big enough to do anything really.     * Because Keri doesn’t believe they are real people, Cadence convinces her to torment and exterminate them.       * Second half involves Cadence shrinking Keri In the end, Cadence decides to keep Keri in a jar as the key centerpiece of her collection.        1. Scene starts off with Cadence talking to the two tinies in a jar , telling them that they are part of her plan to get the key piece of her collection she values most, Keri.  They better not blow it for her or she will fucking rip them into little pieces.  Keri walks in and is in awe when she looks on the desk and sees two tiny people trapped in a jar (or two test tubes).  She walks over and moves her face right close to get a better look.     2. Keri confronts Cadence about her creation of living dolls, Cadence goes along with not telling her they are real people. Keri does not understand what exactly they are good for, but if Cadence cannot prove to her they are worth it, Keri is going to scrap the project.      3. Cadence grabs both out of the jar (or test tubes) and puts them on the desk. Cadence suggests mediocre tasks they could do, to Keri’s complaints as to why they would be terrible at them all.     4. Cadence then suggests Keri see how good they are at pampering her, Keri grabs one of the tinies and puts it on the ground. After teasing it for a few seconds with her shoe, she takes it off revealing her socked foot. She demands the tiny rub her feet with her socks on and then puts her foot on top of the tiny, not crushing it but completely covering it. She comments on how stinky they must be, giant towers of hot, sweaty foot stench.  She then tells Cadence on how she can barely feel a thing. Cadence suggests that maybe they can't penetrate her sock. Keri lifts her foot off the tiny, as cadence takes off keris sock. Keri now puts her barefoot on top of the tiny. After a few seconds, she still is not impressed at all and tells cadence that she is just about ready to cut this project’s budget, as these tinies are absolutely useless. They probably wouldn't even make good moisturizer, Keri lifts her foot up high and slams it down on one of them and laughs deep, evil and bellowing laugh as if she found a little joy in ending it like a bug under her foot.     5. Cadence pleads with Keri to wait and try one more thing. She suggests Keri try eating it. Keri, peaked with intrigue asks if they are edible? Cadence convinces her they are mostly sugar and taste pretty good. Keri looks at the tiny and asks if she is ready to be her tiny snack. The tiny freaks out at the thought of being eaten and begins running across the table. Keri laughs at the feeble attempt to escape and just takes her two fingers and scoops her up like a giant pincer and eats her     6. At first she thinks she tastes funny.  Cadence smirks, that's because they are real people. Keri, now angry, gets in Cadence’s face. Cadence suggests she be nice to her as she just took a healthy dose of the shrinking serum that was on the tiny. Keri is now stunned and scared. Cadence Let's her know that she is now part of her collection.      7. Keri begins to shrink When she is tiny she is on the floor, Cadence’s shadow hovers over her with a shadow of a hand reaching down to get her.     8. Keri is now on the desk as Cadence takes notes on the experiment with her feet up on the desk. She flexes her feet and comments on how she needs to be on her best behavior if she wants to stay around, she hovers her foot over her as if to threaten her.     9. Keri is in the jar Cadence looks on smiling as she holds the jar within her thumb and index finger   I think the project will continue now, don’t you? Maybe if you are lucky I will find you a nice friend to play with.  Keri does not want to be small and continues to plead to be big again.  Cadence tells her that for now she will just have to be her little play thing.

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