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Tiny Fairy Grounded and tormented

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Tiny Fairy Grounded and tormented
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: pov, giantess, fairy,
Description :     Keri Catches a Fairy POV  you are a fairy flying inside a home, when Keri catches you in her hands. She looks down at you with a wide-eyed, shocked expression, which slowly turns to a cruel smirk. she plucks your four wings off one by one with her fingers. She drops you to the floor and you are looking up at her, She laughs, taunting you about never flying again. She takes her boots off, & begins pinning/smothering you under your socked feet, claiming that she now owns you.  You get turned on, and you notice you are hard and she picks you up in the palm of her hand, She humiliates you further by jerking you off with her fingers (finger-job), talking to me in a patronizing tone like a puppy e.g. "Cum for me, come on!". I finally orgasm and she gasps wide-eyed, laughs and calls you a ‘good booooy’ (again, condescendingly). She then sits down on a chair/bed and places you on the chair between her thighs. she then pushes your body against her panties, taunting you and eventually falls back and looks up at her from between her thighs and she makes you beg for mercy. She eventually gets bored and with a “buh-bye!”, slowly closes her thighs around you squashing you. 

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