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The Shrinking Billy Project 5 Part 9

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The Shrinking Billy Project 5 Part 9
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Description :     Another amazing special effects video from Chloe's giantess closet! Chloe and Dahvia have been perfecting their secret shrinking chamber and will soon take over the world. Unfortunately, a group of men try to foil their plans and they quickly experience the wrath of the micronizer, transforming into a tiny mouse, buzzing fly and itty bitty man. Sweet Billy will soon experience the micronizer and Chloe wants to be sure it is perfect. After Billy shrinks to a 1/4 inch tall, Chloe cradles his tiny body in her warm palm, using her ginormous lips to shower him with kisses. Chloe's beautiful body towers over him as she performs a special dance and magically changes into fun costumes and sexy lingerie, just for her little man. After letting him explore her gigantic body, Chloe plucks Billy between her fingertips and drops him into her panties. Once he finds her special place, Billy shows Chloe just what a little man can do, making her cry out in ecstasy. Later that day, Dahvia gets a chance to experience tiny Billy and she too puts on a special show for him before he uses his miniature magic fingers to pleasure his gorgeous giantess.

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