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My Giant's Pet

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My Giant's Pet
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Description :     The beautiful Hannah Perez comes in and calls to her honey, "I'm home!" As she tosses her hair behind her and looks around. Huh, confused because she doesn't see you entering and coming to her. Hannah decides to go around to look for you. Hannah goes around and still doesn't find you but she sees that the dishes have been done. She tells you the place looks great, sorta. But the echo of her voice carries as she said she is going to look at the bedroom. But the place seems awfully quiet as she continues to call out for you and Hannah is pretty sure she had a boyfriend when she left the house this morning. You are right in front of her but Hannah doesn't think to look down yet. As she taps her foot she thinks you are playing a game with her. "Where are you?" Hannah can play this game to as she sees a pile of clothes. So she strips and calls to you that she is naked now too. "Come out come out wherever you are!!" Hannah finally spots her man on the floor. She cannot believe what she is seeing. Hannah thought her man was playing with her this whole time but she had no idea. Hannah can barely hear her man and asks him to speak up for her. He tells her that she has contracted a shrinking virus. Hannah can't believe that that exists but she guesses that it makes a lot of sense. Hannah puts her man back on the ground and he is about to try and get away. Hannah isn't going to let him go anywhere she tells him that he is safe with her. She tells him that he doesn't have to run and hide under the bed. Hannah comes up with a quick plan and tells him she has a place to keep him safe and places him right in between her breasts. It will keep him nice and warm in there while they figure something out. A little while later he is under a small crate that way he can't go anywhere and Hannah comes to him and gives him the unfortunate news that there isn't really anything they can do about it. But, she can keep him as her little pet. Hannah knew he was always into this kind of thing she reminds him of the time that she found his Giantess stories on his laptop. Hannah is ready to have some fun with this. "What does the Giantess do? FE, FI, FO, FUM." As she stomps at him. Hannah is enjoying this little "game she is playing with her pet. She could seriously crush him. But will she? Hannah picks him up wondering if he actually thinks he stood a chance. She loves you though and as she tucks you away in her cleavage she is ready to take you to go have som emore fun. Thanks for giving her more to be creative about.

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