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Cali Logan ass fetish POV

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Cali Logan ass fetish POV
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Tags: pov, ass, feet
Description :     Cali would walk in and discuss with the camera her frustrations with the viewer. She talks about how she doesn't understand why her best friend of 10 years would want to shrink down and become her toy. She tries to explain that once she does that, you are no longer a friend to her, not even a person. Just another one of her shrunken clients. Sure she might be nicer to you than she normally is to her shrunken toys. You are, after all, not a stranger. But that doesn't mean that you would be a just a shrunken friend. You still want to do it? Even though once you are an inch tall Cali owns you? Last chance to say no... Cali then just says "too late" then shrinks you. 

 *Camera drops down to the floor*

   Cali should pick up the camera and tell it all about what she does to other shrunken men. She put a few slaves in her shoe before a game, they didn't make it. Cali should hover the camera above a shoe while teasing it to put it in. But no, a foot slave is not what she wants. She has crushed men in her hands, that could be fun. Maybe with her boobs? She puts you in-between her boobs and laughs at how you looks in there. All nice and snug! Cali explains that while you are just a possession of hers now, she won't crush you. You have known her too long, this is special. She has been hoping you would let her shrink you soon anyway. Cali smiles and takes the camera out of her breasts. Have Cali talk about how you always loved her ass. Give the camera a tour around her ass while she talks about how great it is. Go into detail about how her ass is "her best asset", and how other guys would love to get in the back of these tight shorts. Then she brings the camera close to her face and sweetly says "that's what I'll do for you. You love my ass, you'll love living in it right? I mean, you did agree to become my toy so that I would shrink you, and I own you now. Just look at you, your barely and inch tall! And I'm SURE you were hoping that I'd let you play in my ass right? Now you can just live there all the time! How's that sound?" The camera should shake as if to say no and she laughs and says "No? Awww, that's just too bad now isn't it! Your my slave now, be thankful that I haven't crushed you. This is my special reward for my old friend -- you get to be my ass slave for the rest of your life!"

 Have the camera swing behind her and she pulls the waistband of her spandex shorts back and slowly brings the camera to her ass. Have the camera pause right above the open waistband land put the camera in..

 Now have the view of Cali be waist height but we can see her whole body. She should be grabbing her ass with both hands, squishing her cheeks together and moving them up and down. "There we go, nice and deep inside your new home. Oh your struggling? *laughs* awww, don't worry slave, you won't fall out. In fact, you're never leaving." She should say how great it feels to have a slave just for her. Laugh and walk out of view"

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