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Megan in Tummy Trouble

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Megan in Tummy Trouble
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: pov, belly, megan, shrinking
Description :     Beginning: model is normal size but stares evilly at screen. She says she has her final wish, and she wished to be "the most powerful being in the universe, an all powerful genie" who is already free. At this point, pov camera goes down to make it look like she is growing. She bellows loudly and maniacally, yelling "the power, the power, the absolute power!" Camera stops just below her protruding belly, which she is rubbing and sticking out. For a couple minutes, she continues to bask in her power like an evil Disney villain, with booming laughter. 

Middle: she picks pov camera up and sits down of floor to lean back on wall (like you did with Sahrye). This time she place pov man on her belly to walk/run around on while she continues to laugh and bask in power. She eventually laughs so hard that pov man falls off onto ground between legs to look up at her. At this part, her laughter ingesting deeper like "haw haw haw" as she gets used to her massive size. 

End: in final minute or so, she is now lying on her side and pov camera is at her belly, which she is patting and rubbing. She talks about how the world is hers, no one can challenge her power, and her laughter is more now a more subdued evil, like its internal. 

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