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Keri spectrum in Shrinking Sports Rivalry part 2

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Keri spectrum in Shrinking Sports Rivalry part 2
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: keri spectrum , booty , cleavage , feet , ass crush
Description :     The scenario is that the camera is a friend of the Cowboys' fan Keri humiliated and crushed who is an undercover dectective. Since the Eagles season is over, Keri does what everyone does and decides to throw a Superbowl party and everyone on the block is invited so you take the opportunity to try to get your answers. A neighbor witnessed your friend walking into Keri' s house the night he went missing and gave some crucial crews about the woman he was last scene with. The 3 big clues were blond hair, Eagles bikini and apparent tattoo on her right butt cheek. Knowing that it'll be hard to get Keri alone with the party and game going on, you decide to go over early and help her set so it's just you and her. So when the Pov begins, it just so happens that Keri is wearing the exact bikini after coming back from her morning tanning session when you show up with her invitation. You introduce yourself and shake Keri's hand. Suprisingly, though Keri recognizes you from a meet and greet you attended with your friend who vanished at an Eagles training camp practice the summer before the incident. Keri quickly thinks on her feet and invites you to the kitchen for a quick beer. When she turns around, you can't help but notice the ass tattoo so you quickly take a picture with your phone as you follow her to the kitchen to try to get a confirmation match later. Secretly noticing what your doing out of the corner of her eye Keri slips a shrinking pill in your beer and asks if you dropped something as she turns back around to face you and hands you your beer. Quickly thinking you tell her you're just filling out your game bet online and just needed to angle your phone to block out the glare. You toast to friendship and football and take a sip and immediately the room starts to spin and you feel funny. You drop your beer as Keri starts to talk about how sorry she is that your friend couldn't be there to watch the game with you guys but also explains that he also had a big mouth and was a douchebag and the camera shrinks to Keris chest. The camera starts to realize it's in big trouble and you ask Keri what's happening and what she did to you. She tells you you're going to play a little game called shrink and that she played the same game with your friend right before she ended his life. However, since you're also an Eagles fan and she remembers you being nice at training camp she may let you live locked up in a cage as her little toy and have the dream of being with an Eagles cheerleader the rest of your life IF you do EXACTLY what she says. She explains that each cheer she does will shrink you to the body parts you are to worship. If you worship her aggressively and we'll enough, you live, if not, you get the same fate your friend got. She gives you an example by doing a "Give me a T-I-T-S cheer and asks you what it spells and then laughs and realizes you don't have to because your already there. She pulls the camera into her chest and tells you she wants you to look up into her eyes and watch as she boob boxes you back and fourth and then proceeds to start punching the camera with her boobs. She stops for a minute and takes off her top saying she wants the full exposure for the most effect. This time she makes the camera put itself back into her chest as the camera reluctantly says ok and agrees. She starts singing the Eagles fight song " Fly Eagles Fly" as she starts boob punching the camera again, then giggles and says " see it's not so bad", then she continues the fight song " on the road to victory. Fly Eagles fly... then looks down at you and tells the camera to finish the line. The camera does, "score a touchdown 1,2,3,. But Kerry says she can't hear you and squeezes the camera painfully between her boobs and shakes it telling you to repeat the line. The camera does and then Keri echoes the 1,2,3 with 3 back and fourth boob punches. After she's done she tells the camera not bad and releases it for a moment for her next cheer. "B-E-L-L-Y" and the camera shrinks to Keris stomach. She takes a little of her beer and tells the camera that on the count of 3 she's going to poor beer into her bellybutton and the camera's job will be to do a body shot without letting any beer drip down her stomach. She counts to 3 and shoves the camera into her stomach making the camera drink too fast forcing the camera to spit the beer back at Keri all over her belly. The camera coughs trying to recatch it's breath. Disgusted and Angry, Keri slaps the camera saying " Look what the FUCK you did?! I said drink it not spray it all over me you fucking idiot! Now I'm all sticky! The camera apologizes to Keri and Keri tells you, you better be because you're licking every drop of beer off my stomach. The camera is still coughing but Keri grabs the camera into her stomach and says " NOW!"! Keri drags the camera all over her stomach making sure it gets everywhere then holds her bellybutton open and shoves the camera in it explaining there's still beer in there. After the camera licks Keris belly clean, Keri releases and smacks the camera again telling you that that's strike 1. 2 more and your life is over so you better be damn near flawless from here on out. Her next chant is " B-O-O-T-Y" and the camera shrinks to Keris ass. Backing her ass up against the camera lens, Keri mocks you to get an up close look at the last thing your friend ever saw. She even picks up her ass cheeks and tells the camera that if you look hard enough, the remains of your friend might still be stuck in the crevices under her cheeks. She picks up her ass cheeks and drops them on the on the camera back and fourth a few times then both cheeks mocking you asking if you still see any remains of your friend. Hurt and upset you do the best you can to keep your emotions in check and grit your teeth. Realizing your hurt feelings, Keri tells you not to be sad and she knows just what will cheer you up. She takes the camera and shoves it in her ass and tells you to hold still. Holding the camera between her cheeks, Keri does the E-A-G-L-E-S chant pumping her hands and was boxing the camera back and fourth with each letter then finishes with the EAGLES at the end, motorboating the camera in her ass. Looking over her shoulder down at the camera she's still holding between her cheeks, she asks if the camera feels better. The camera responds by saying a little. Keri responds by telling you that your friend loved her was right up until the end sovyou better suck it up and enjoy every angle of it or it'll be the end of you. She then forces the camera to follow her ass extremely close so every step she takes her ass cheeks bounce off the camera lens. She makes the camera follow her to the couch then tells you to lay down facing up then sits right on the camera while she figures out her next move. She sits on the camera for a few seconds while the camera looks around trying to find a root of escape but to no avail only getting different angles of being swallowed up under Keris ass. Keri finally makes a decision and gets up off the camera. You plead with Keri upon being released telling her you've done everything she's asked and to please let you go. Keri waves her finger down and you and laughs reminding you that the game is not over, there's still one more cheer left. Her last chant is " F-E-E-T" and the camera shrinks down to Keris feet. Keri does the same thing she did to your friend and kicks the shot out of the camera and makes you worship her feet. Frantically the camera looks around for your phone that fell out to the floor sometime during the shrinking. Pinning the camera down under her foot, Keri asks if "this" is what you're looking for as she pulls out your phone from behind her back turning it around to show you the picture of her ass that you forgot to take off your screen the entire time. She bends down with the camera still pinned under her toes. She asks you how stupid you think she was not to notice you taking the picture. The camera starts pleading profusely for its life, kissing her toes like crazy. But Keri tells you to save your saliva it's too late for forgiveness. The camera starts asking Keri what she's going to do with you and begs her to let you live and that you'll delete the picture immediately and live in seclusion locked up in her cage if she spares your life. Keri let's out a humiliating laugh and says she's got a better idea. First she kneels on the cameras legs breaking them leaving the camera motionless. Then bending down over the camera, Keri brutally smashes the camera with her boobs back and fourth for near his end but not quite done yet. Hurting internally and spitting up, the camera pleads for its life for everything you have left. Keri turns around hovering her ass above you then turns on your camera, hits record and let's out an evil laugh telling the camera to use this as evidence and she slowly lowers her was into the camera lens then thrusting down ending you. The final scene to the pov ends with the phone camera footage of Keri sitting on you on a loop for a few seconds.

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