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Castle Crusher

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Castle Crusher
Running Time:
15 minutes

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Tags: cadence lux, pov, crush, heels, foot, butt, boobs,
Description :     The evil giantess, Cadence Lux, has captured your entire village and brought it to her lair to have fun with. She has stomped and destroyed almost everything to the point of rubble. She did, however, save the best for last. Your royal castle! Cadence shows no mercy as she uses her big feet, ass and hands to annihilate what is left. Taunting you, the king, at every step of the destruction. Once she is satisfied with her handy work, she goes in for one final crushing...you of course! This clip runs 15 minutes long and includes pov, foot stomping, high heels, barefoot, crush fantasy, domination

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