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Stephie in Slow shrink POV

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Stephie in Slow shrink POV
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: pov, feet, stephie, booty, kissing
Description :               The plot would be she gets reunited with her old high school boyfriend named Jack and they start talking. She notices that jack has begun to shrink, getting smaller slowly as they talk. She laughs at how cute and small he’s getting and starts to tease him, telling him how tiny he’s getting and how weak he must be to her. She looks down on him and flexes her biceps, telling him she’s much stronger than he is now. Once he shrinks to as tall as her butt, she starts teasing him and threatening to sit on him and smother him. She leans down and gives him a kiss, licking and breathing on his face before she knocks him down and starts sitting on him. She laughs as she sits on him, remarking on how small and weak he feels under her weight. Once she finally gets up he should be shrunk down to a few inches tall, where she tells him he looks like a tiny little bug. She starts stepping on him with her bare feet and telling him he’s pathetic and small. She tells him that she’s going to keep him forever as her tiny slave. 

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