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Megan in Smelly Revenge

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Megan in Smelly Revenge
Running Time:
22 Minutes

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Tags: pov, feet, booty, farting
Description :     we start with Megan who comes back from a long jog she is all tired and lies on her couch and we hear cries of panic coming from her ass. She puts her hand in her ass and pulls out her bad-tempered co-worker Megan makes fun of her and tells her it's going to be her new life now, to feel her ass and her stinky farts. Megan already orders her to massage her feet they are very smelly and makes her laugh Megan, she takes her by the waist and tells her that she has a surprise for her, she puts Cassy in front of her buttocks and tells him to be inspired. And the megan drops a big fart that makes her laugh a lot and Cassy screams in pain and fear then Megan wants to watch TV so she puts Cassy in her bikini she removes her leggings and then relaxes on TV while throwing on Cassy who is get stuck in her ass then Megan takes cassy and says "I'm going to take a long nap" and Megan puts Cassy in her ass and gets her bikini like a string "here's how you can not run away nap" Megan gets on the belly and we hear Cassy shouted in Megan's ass as she falls asleep while smiling.

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